• Our mission

    to accentuate the beauty of the Kiso Hinoki Cypress trees

    We are always striving to make creative products using our surrounding trees, while being conscience of conserving forestry and the Japanese woodworks industry.

  • One head for one tree

    “One head for one tree”: A bold statement signifying how special the ‘Kiso Hinoki’was regarded in the Kiso area. The death penalty was imposed upon those who stole even one Kiso Hinoki cypress tree.


    Horyuji Temple, the world’s oldest wooden building over 1,300 years old is made from Kiso Hinoki cypress trees. Trees in the Kiso Region grow 3 times slower because of the severe conditions in winter. The fight for survival ensures the Kiso Hinoki Cypress trees are durable.


    Another advantage of Kiso Hinoki cypress is that it kills bacteria and has a beauty scent Using these prominent features – we have focused on using them for our chopping boards, bathtubs and counter tables we sell to sushi table.


    Over the last few years - we have made the following items with Kiso Hinoki cypress trees and several other trees, such as ‘Sawara’ tree.

  • Kiso is located right in the center of Japan and regarded as the capital of forestry and the wood working industry. This mountains surrounding this place still remains a part of the old post-station town atmosphere from the Edo Era (1603 to 1868).

  • About our brands.

  • 木曽生活研究所

    Kiso Lifestyle Labo.

    The mission of this brand is to deliver warmth, healing, a natural feeling, and well-being into the everyday life of our customers through the use of our products made from a special Kiso Cypress, HINOKI.

    Our products boast unique qualities with its aromatic fragrance, antibacterial effects, and smooth texture.

  • Tableware “wood-en”

    Originating from the forests in Kiso, Japan, comes the modern Wood-EN plates. Expertly carved through the ‘rokuro’ techniques by generations of local craftsman, they are designed to meet modern luxury needs while encapsulating the rich history of Kiso.


    The Wood-EN range concept is based on an ‘EN’ design, Japanese for ‘circle.’


    Subtly articulating the grain direction while the curves in the plate ensure that food arrangement is accentuated.

  • We are happy to provide OEM and ODM:

  • Company

    Company Name

    Tree to Green Inc.


    July 2013


    3-16-15 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0001, Japan


    (+81) 3-6840-3179



    Our Business


    To make unique products with the Kiso Hinoki cypress trees, and ensure they meet the needs of people all over the world.


    Interior and Furniture

    We o all our design, furniture production and construction and construction internally specifically for offices, restaurant and homes.


    Environmental Conservation Activities

    Working to make it easy to incorporate eco activities into everyday life through the following: (1) Maintenance and protection of forest resources, (2) simulation of local resources (tourism) and (3) promotion of energy creation, conservation and storage.

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